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Davinci Upgraded Line 55"

Double touch control of IR & EMR, fluent & fine writing experience
Double built-in 8-megapixels camera, loaded with “Davinci Soft Core” image processing technology
Multi-functional integration design, classic edition for new generation con

Price: RMB 21888

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  • Mohs Degree 7 Explosion-proof Glass, Wear & Scratch Resistant

    DavinciBoard adopts Mohs Degree7 Explosion-proof glass which belongs to wear & scratch resistant HD series, featuring with clearer image and higher light transmittance. It is durable and keeps as new even after high-frequency using in daily meeting. Moreover, the screen is specially processed to be anti-glare & anti-light interference, which enables it keep clear as normal under strong light environment.    

  • Davinci Image Technology, Reproduce Lifelike Image

    Loaded with independent developed “Davinci Soft Core” image processing and image quality Enhancement technology, DavinciBoard improves traditional image resolution greatly, supporting ACC contrast self-adaptive function, CCS bright colors crosstalk suppression technique, ACM adaptive color image, gamma & color temperature correction technique. It can reproduce the natural color of video and graphic image and keeps displaying lifelike vision all along, offering you perfect visual experience on video and graphic presentations during the conference.

  • Ultimate Simplicity, Seven in One

    Combing the function of projector, computer, stereo, electronic whiteboard, TV, advertising machine and camera, the integration design of DavinciBoard also features of whiteboard writing, all-channel annotation, remote collaboration and multi-screen interaction. Merged with various techniques such as human-computer interaction, multimedia information processing and network transmission, high-quality display, double touch control of IR & solenoid, this crafted product is undoubtedly a classic edition.

  • Artistic Stylus, Multi-functional Integration Application

    To optimize whiteboard writing experience of DavinciBoard Deluxe Line & Upgraded Line, Davinci specially designs high-performance multi-functional capacitor stylus featuring with accurate image positioning technology, 1024 degree sensitive pressure, user-friendly erase with gesture and elegant appearance. With special control buttons of laser pointer and page-turner, integrated design and convenient operation, the stylus will bring you fine and smart writing experience as well as make your conference collaboration more high-efficient and fluent.                   

■ Compatible with various 3rd party video conference software and hardware, direct video conference service unavailable temporarily.

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